Learn HTML

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Why HTML is so important?

It's nearly impossible to write a webpage without HTML. So if you want to be a web developer you must have a knowledge of HTML.

What is HTML?

Hyper Text Markup Language commonly known as HTML is a code with that browser read and render web pages accordingly. it's not really a programming language instead it's a markup language. By reading which browser decide that what would be the content and stracture of content, to render webpage.

So without HTML you will not be able to tell browser that which part of your text in a heading, paragaraph, table, list, link, image and so on.

Below is a sample code of HTML. We will discuss more on it in next chapter.

<html language="en">
        Hello world!!!

To run above code in your machin open a notepad -> copy above html code to file -> and save it with ".html" extension e.g. myfirst.html. Once done dobule click new file and it will be open in your machin browser.

The page you are reading is also rendered by browser using HTML.

Chapter 2 - HTML Basic